Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preppy for Spring

I put this outfit together a little differently than usual; from the bottom up!  I just fell in love with these Keds for Kate Spade!! (There are so many other cute styles, too!) I wouldn't normally pay $75 for shoes, but Keds are so comfy and these are the perfect flats for Spring, Summer and even into Fall with army greens and denim! Not to mention, they're Kate Spade.
 I love mixing colors, especially when they're bright and cheery like these! The anorak is the perfect weight for this time of year and really just pulls the whole look together.  If you don't have one yet, this one is great and the price is even better! Hello, SPRING!

$14.50 Buy Me!

$34.99 Buy Me!

$34.50 Buy Me!

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$75 Buy Me!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Outfit of the Day: J.CREW

Yesterday I was able to go to J.CREW at Lenox and also the J.CREW Factory Outlet at Tanger.  Wow...I advise you to never purchase from their regular stores.  Not only are the outlet stores WAY cheaper, but one of the employees let me in on a little secret.  The "J.CREW Collection" is always the most expensive but usually doesn't sell well. She said if you wait 2-3 months, it will always end up for about 70% off in the outlets.  I think it's worth the wait! After passing on many $100+ items I wanted at Lenox, I was able to buy 3 things for under $100 at Tanger! Below is one of the outfits I bought!
PS-If you're a teacher or student, you can show your the store for an extra 15% off!

$29.50 Buy Me!

$32.50 Buy Me!