Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Fashion in the South!

Yay!!!! It's the best time of the year for everything!! Sports, activities, weather, food, and fashion!  I've been looking forward to this post all year! Early this summer I talked myself into buying a jacket I didn't need from Zara! Thank. God. I can already tell it's going to be my go-to all season.  It has a colorful Navajo print on it, but the colors are all perfect fall neutrals. The leather and zipper details make it just the right amount of edgy. Unfortunately, this jacket is no longer available....I just had to show it off!
Ps- I'm a big advocate of buying OUT of season because of the lower prices!

Jacket: ZARA
T-shirt: fab'rik
Shorts: DL1961
Booties: fab'rik (BUY HERE!)
Scarf: bought this in NYC for $5
Photos by the lovely Tiffany Olson